Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting with the Program

Hooray, saw 156.0 on the scale this morning, second day in a row! Sad that such a small improvement feels like such a triumph, but it does. Which only means that I have spent far too long loitering around in the 157-158 range lately.

Am only slightly behind my workout minutes goal for this week, but should be easy enough to catch up by the end of the day... a few minutes on the bike this morning (too rainy for anything other than a damp and unpleasant walk at the moment) and a Bowflex workout this afternoon, and I'll be done for the week. Even a, uh, "feminine complaint" flare-up has only slowed me down a little bit. Thank God for homeopathic remedies and organic cranberry juice.

I don't particularly feel like working out today, but nothing new about that. It's "pizza night" in this household, though, so that's a good incentive to burn a few calories before dinner time. And tomorrow is "cake night." Official weigh-in for the week is Monday morning, so we'll see if progress holds until then.

The original plan for this blog was to include more recipes for things whipped up in my kitchen (both of the healthy and indulgent variety) but I haven't done a whole lot of cooking this week, and the pizza crust recipe I tried out last weekend didn't turn out well enough to share. Some fine-tuning still to do there.

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