Monday, March 24, 2008

Again? Already?

Where does the time go... surprised to see it's been over a week since I posted here. I love the uncertainty of peri-menopause when it delivers a longer-than-usual cycle (personal best so far: 39 days), not so much when the "monthlies" arrive at 24 days, as they did this weekend. I'll take it, though. I figure the more irregular and unpredictable the cycle, the closer I am to never having to go through period hell again. Won't that be wonderful?!?

Made a yummy lentil soup a couple of days ago. Sauteed up some boneless (organic, of course) chicken thighs with olive oil, onions, diced carrots & celery, and lots of tumeric, cumin, and curry powder (probably about 2 tsp each), plus a healthy dash of cayenne for kick. When the chicken was done, removed it and chopped it up, then it and veggies all went into a large pot with 1 cup each of yellow dal (split mung beans) and red lentils. Added generous quantity of homemade chicken/veggie stock -- enough to cover beans/lentils/etc. by about 2" or so, a dash of salt, and simmered it all til the dal and lentils were done. Oh, so yummy! Yesterday we reheated leftovers for dinner, added lots of chopped kale (we had some that needed using up), which is healthy and delicious, too. I eat my soup with a spoonful of plain yogurt added to the bowl. Yum!

If making soup stock from scratch seems like more trouble than it's worth, stay tuned. I'll post my method at another time... when I'm not feeling so crampy.

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