Thursday, February 28, 2008

The oddest thing

The oddest thing happened this morning.

I was on my lounge chair outside on the upstairs deck, where I like to start my day by listening to the birds chirp and twitter as I sip my morning coffee and wait for the caffeine to kick in. I unwrapped a Dove dark chocolate egg to go with my coffee and ... it tasted a little cloying, a little too sweet, perhaps a little greasy even, a little almost-not-right. I think I came close to maybe considering that I might possibly not really want it. I'm quite sure I felt the earth shudder on its axis just a bit.

I resisted panic, though, and was reassured when chocolate egg number two tasted just fine. Delicious even. So, crisis averted; all is still well in my world.

I only had the two chocolate eggs, by the way. Well within the "serving" size of dark chocolate now recommended by Prevention magazine.

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