Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A good reason to take it easy

Vog made the front page of the Hawaii Tribune-Herald this morning, after triggering
a health alert from Hawaii Civil Defense yesterday. Residents are advised to avoid
outdoor activities, even just going for a walk. Good excuse for taking it easy!

Enough breeze yesterday to clear the air a little in the afternoon, so I did an easy recumbant bike pedal. So far today it's not bad in our neighborhood, according to my unoffical sensors: eyes are only sligthly itchy, I can walk up the stairs without feeling out of breath, and the headache I had all day yesterday is gone. (I attribute the headache to vog, but it might have been a de-tox effect from all the Uncle Kimo's Vog Tea I was drinking.)

I don't think I'll plan to go for a jog today, though I'm hoping for a Bowflex workout later. Wanna squeeze in some strength training before period arrives and derails workouts for a couple of days. I know P's on its way when I ponder what to have for breakfast and a bowl of ice cream or a grilled cheese sandwich both seem like perfectly reasonable options. I was good, though, and had toasted cornbread with organic raspberry jam. Perhaps not the healthiest b'fast in the world, but better than ice cream or grilled cheese. And delicious! I'd post the recipe, but it's downstairs on the notebook computer, so I gotta copy it over up here first.


Anonymous said...

So, where doe's one get uncle kimo's vog tea?

Venus de Hilo said...

I got mine at a local health food store (Island Naturals and Abundant Life in Hilo both carry it). I think there's a website, too, but the label on my bag is long gone, don't know the URL.